About me

I am an investment writer, editor and researcher, working for media and corporate clients. My main areas of interest at present include Asia, emerging markets, and international investing. I will also consider commissions in other areas of investment and finance where I have relevant expertise, such as energy, index investing and ETFs, and pensions.

I have written extensively for both retail and professional investors, contributing to publications such as MoneyWeek, the UK’s largest investment weekly, Index Universe/ETF.com, the leading source on ETF and indexing news and analysis, Petroleum Economist, the monthly global macro-economic and geopolitical energy journal, and LatAm Investor, the Latin America investment quarterly.

I provide writing, editing and research services to companies such as banks, stock brokers and fund managers. I help firms produce high-quality investment commentary, white papers, client communications and marketing materials.

I also provide research, consultancy and training services to corporate clients in the financial services industry. I have a strong technical background, holding the Chartered Financial Analyst designation as well as degrees in finance and mathematics.

If you would like to get in touch regarding a project or commission, please send me a message using the contact form.