Unregulated timber investment schemes

Following on from last week’s timber article for MoneyWeek, I’ve received questions about unregulated timber investment schemes promising rather impressive-looking returns for retail investors.

I can’t comment on individual schemes, but I wrote some broad comments to bear in mind about arrangements of this kind – I’ve put them up on the International Investor since they seem to fit better there than here.

Publishing hiatus

To state the obvious, I’m not publishing much in the way of media articles at present and so should probably post some explanation as to why this feed has gone quiet. The reason is that I’m presently doing marketing work for products that I would otherwise be writing about, creating too many conflicts of interest in covering funds and specific investments.

The journalism and commentary may resume at some point in the future, but there are no firm plans either way. In the meantime, I will be maintaining the International Investor and writing there intermittently on topics where there is no obvious conflict.